7 reasons why Novocastrians should hire a local Newcastle interior designer

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Deciding on how to proceed with an interior design project is a big deal. There's a lot riding on it....will your colour choices work, make the space bigger, smaller, warmer, cooler? Will they work with your finishes and materials, will your flooring work? And how will you know? The best thing for Novocastrians to do is to hire a Newcastle interior designer to make these decisions and deliver an end result that wows and that you'll be proud to show off. Here are 7 reasons why Novocastrians should a hire a local Newcastle interior designer...

1. Sourcing

A Newcastle interior designer can source hard to find or unique pieces, the special ones that only professionals can access because of the sources they have, and the world they move within.

2. It's personal

A Newcastle interior designer, like brIT girl design knows that it's about you, it's not about them. Your interior design is deeply personal to your needs and tastes. Their job is to listen to you and and execute so that your end vision is realised and delivered.

3. Maximise

A Newcastle interior designer has the training and experience to maximise space and function. While your space needs to look great, it also has to function well and marrying these two factors is what a professional Newcastle interior designer does.

4. Budget

Some may think that hiring a Newcastle interior designer is expensive, and may cost more than their budget allows. A Newcastle interior designer like brIT girl design's job is to work with the budget you have to get the best result. Making your budget go further, or getting a bigger bang for your buck is part of what they do.

5. Trends

A Newcastle interior designer is always up with the latest trends. They know the trends that are waning, peaking or emerging so you can be confident that your look is exactly on brief.

6. Elements

Successfully marrying all elements of a space together is what a local Newcastle interior designer is trained to do. From colour, texture, size and function - a Newcastle interior designer can bring these together in harmony.

7. WOW factor

A local Newcastle interior designer like brIT girl design can take your existing space to the next level and give it the wow factor that you want to show off your space.

A local Newcastle interior designer is in touch with the latest design trends, materials, pieces, and directions. Because they live and breathe design, they have their eye on the industry and can bring this to your project and deliver on your vision to give you the space of your dreams.

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