It's not about me

Because it's all about you. Some interior designers forget that it's not all about them. I think that it's all about you - what you like, what you want, your expression and your dreams. After many years in advertising and marketing I was yearning to release my creative side and in 2014 I took the plunge and launched brIT girl design to explore my love of art, design and expression as a Newcastle interior designer. 


My philosophy is simple: it's all about you. I bring a collaborative style to my work, and getting to know your style, the way you use your space, who uses it with you, your vision, your likes and dislikes which allows me to bring together a cohesive solution to your space.

I'm a client too. Early in 2018 I launched a boutique, luxury B&B on Darby Street, Cooks Hill minutes from the beach in Newcastle. I loved the challenge of being both client and designer, marrying the demands of vision, space and budget with style and execution. Click on the logo below to check out the space.

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